Meet Our Staff

Find out a little more about our staff team below.

Senior Pastor

Dr. Christopher Hushaw

Chris Hushaw’s passion is to help people step out and live on the edge, discovering their God-made purpose in life and really live like Christians.
As a pastor and teacher for twenty years, Chris has helped people break out of their ruts to live out God’s dream for their lives. Today, he serves as Founding and Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Covenant Church in Palm Desert, California. Chris and his wife, Linda, have four children.
Raised in the Coachella Valley, Pastor Chris met Linda at UC San Diego in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. After graduating, they married and headed off to New Jersey for a postgraduate degree at Princeton. In 2005, the Lord called the Hushaw family to plant a mission outpost in his hometown and Cornerstone was birthed. While planting Cornerstone, Chris completed his doctoral studies at Fuller Theological Seminary with his disciple-making dissertation. You can read his ebook "Inside Out Church".
Starting in a Living Room, the bible study grew from 35 to 75 in just a couple months and grew out of house meetings. In October 2006, with our grand opening we invited the community to join us. Our first year we regularly had over 200 in worship and we started our self-funding Mission Thrift Shop. Since then we have given away over $250K in clothes to the needy, sent over 4000 kids to camp to hear the gospel, sharing the gospel with the poor, needy, and deserving in our valley.

Youth Pastor

Jason Fredregill

Hi! My name is Jason Fredregill and I'm the Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Covenant Church.

I've been married to the love of my life for over 15  years and we have three amazing kids - Kaila (12), Haylee (10) and Caleb (7).

I love hanging out with youth - probably because I've never grown up.

I enjoy snowboarding, wakeboarding, watching movies, playing sports and coaching my kids on their sports teams.

I'm just a guy who loves the Lord, his wife, his kids, his family and his friends.

Fun Fact: I was an actor (by actor - I mean just a guy with no name in the background) on the Wonder Years when I was in Junior High. Season 3 Episode 16. It's on Netflix - Try to find me!

Worship Leader/Administrator

Giovanni "Gio" Diaz

A little about me. I've been married to the love of my life for 7 years. We have two girls Rebekah (5) and Sarai (3). My passions are music, photography and videography. I'm a self taught musician and know how to play piano, guitar, bass and a some drums (enough to get by).

I love to do ministry and be able to walk with people in their faith journey.

Children's Director

Angel Estrada

Administrative Assistant

Christina Ladd

Leadership Team

Seth Harper
Michelle Fredregill
David Koedyker
Sue Lowell
Krista Kim
Brian McConnel
Brian McConnel
Gary Whitney
Gary Whitney
Steve Westbrook
Steve Westbrook