Community Life

If you’re new to Cornerstone Church or have been here for some time we want to see you connected in community. Community is a gift of God and essential for your growth as an individual and our growth as a church.

Life Groups at Cornerstone

We gather in Life Groups with our friends and neighbors to live life together and experience the gospel in ways we can’t on our own. They area a place to wrestle with the truths of the Bible, love one another and live out our mission to Know, Love and Reflect Jesus in our community and world.

We know it can be challenging to know where to fit in. You can find connecting points under our different life stages (Young Adults, Active Adults, Prime Time Adults) and also under groups or events specific to women or men. We also offer a variety of recovery and support groups.

What is a Life Group?

A life groups is a home gathering made up of 8-16 people to meet weekly to share, study and support one another. A trained leader and host lead each group. An average meeting lasts for an hour and a half. Some Life Groups meet in homes and others meet here at Cornerstone.

How important are Life Groups?

At Cornerstone Church we believe that God has designed us to be in community with each other. Life Groups at Cornerstone are where you will grow in your relationship with God, experience spiritual growth, find a sense of belonging and create meaningful and lasting friendships.

When and where do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups meet through out the week at various times and locations around the valley.

What will we study?

The focus of each Life Group may vary. Some of our groups focus on our Sermon-Based material where you will spend your time digging a little deeper into the content of each week’s sermon. Other groups may read through devotional Bible studies or be centered around a specific hobby or activity.

What does it cost?

The majority of Life Groups are completely free. A book study or some activity based groups may charge a nominal fee.

How do I choose a group?

When selecting a group we strongly recommend you choose a group based on its Lifestage or topic. Over the years we’ve found that groups do best when members share a common Lifestage or other interests with their leaders, hosts and other group members.


Do you have more questions about Life Groups? Contact Thom Emery at or after Sunday service at our Information Desk.